Why Lease an INFINITI

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Why Lease an INFINITI - INFINITI of Memphis - Memphis, TN

Leasing a new vehicle from INFINITI of Memphis is a great way to get your fix of luxury for less cash. If you’re in the market for a premium vehicle and want the most bang for your buck possible, you’ll have more than a few reasons to consider leasing over financing.

Make your money stretch

A lease means that you’re paying toward a vehicle’s depreciation over a set number of years rather than toward the full price of the vehicle. That means that you can expect to have lower monthly payments than you would with financing. Better still, you won’t need to set aside a hefty down payment like you would when you finance, and you’ll pay less in sales tax.

Always protected

With a lease, you’ll only be driving the vehicle for a few years. That means that you’ll likely be totally protected by the full complement of INFINITI limited vehicle warranties for the duration of your lease. If something goes wrong, you can get it fixed at INFINITI of Memphis and not have to worry about paying out of pocket.

Great for low-mileage drivers

Leasing a new INFINITI is also a smart bet if you don’t tend to drive over 12,000 miles a year. Because a lease limits the number of miles you drive, it’s best suited for you if you limit your driving to work, weekends in Memphis, and the occasional getaway. Keeping under the lease mileage threshold will help prevent you from racking up additional costs and also helps minimize wear and tear.

Easy to adjust

Life can change at the drop of a hat. A sporty Q60 coupe might be great for your situation today, but if you’re starting a family in a few years, you’ll likely want to move up to the no-less-fun-to-drive QX55 crossover or the mighty QX80. With a lease, you can make those adjustments more frequently without the hassle of needing to sell your current vehicle. Just hand us the keys at the end of your lease or talk to our finance team to see if we can’t negotiate a new deal.

Leasing also puts you in a position to take full advantage of the great new changes coming to the INFINITI lineup. With new electrified vehicles and cutting-edge technologies on the horizon, leasing a vehicle from INFINITI of Memphis today makes it easier to enjoy the exciting benefits of INFINITI innovation tomorrow.

Contact the finance experts at INFINITI of Memphis and learn more about how a new vehicle lease could be the right decision for you.

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