TRADE-IN OR SELL US YOUR VEHICLE and receive an additional $1,000 over it’s Kelley Blue Book Fair Value PLUS: Receive a new IPAD Mini!

Offer Details:  Offer Expires at 7pm on January 31, 2022.

  • INFINITI of Memphis agrees to apply an additional $1,000 (One thousand dollars) toward the current Kelley Blue Book™ “Fair” Trade-in value in effect on the date of the finalization of the transaction between the vehicle’s legal owner(s) (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) and INFINITI of Memphis. Additionally, INFINITI of Memphis will provide the Customer one new Apple iPad Mini upon the finalization of the transaction. “Finalization” is defined as follows:
    1. All documents required to legally transfer motor vehicles from one party to another by any and all governmental agencies and INFINITI of Memphis have been completed and signed by the Customer and authorized representatives of INFINITI of Memphis.
    2. The Customer has furnished INFINITI of Memphis with a valid title to any vehicle, which they are either trading or selling to INFINITI of Memphis. Said title will be free of any liens prior to acceptance by INFINITI of Memphis.
    3. The Customer has delivered their trade and/or sale vehicle(s) to INFINITI of Memphis in the same condition upon which the original appraisal plus the $1,000.00 additional allowance was based upon.
    4. If the transaction involves financing or leasing, all documents pertaining to those processes must be finalized. All credit applications must be approved. Any stipulations or additional documentation (income verification, proof of employments, etc.) as required by the financial institution(s) must be satisfied.
    5. The Customer has taken delivery of the purchased vehicle if they traded for another new or used vehicle.
    6. INFINITI of Memphis will make every effort to have Apple iPad Mini devices on hand in order to accommodate the demand. Should the iPad Mini devices become unavailable for immediate transfer to the Customer, INFINITI of Memphis will issue and provide the Customer a “We Owe” form, signed by Management stating that the Customer is owed their iPad device. Should that be the case, INFINITI of Memphis will deliver the iPad to the customer as soon as possible. All Customers are required to sign a receipt for their iPad regardless of the delivery date. The Customer will have the right to inspect their iPad device prior to taking possession of it.
    7. All transactions are final. There is no recission period. All used vehicles are sold “AS-IS.” INFINITI of Memphis is not responsible for Apple product performance and makes no warranties in that regard.
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