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Trade-In Basics | Memphis, TN

Trading in your vehicle is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to take your next step towards a luxurious new INFINITI model. Here’s what you need to know about the trade-in process.

How to increase your trade-in vehicle’s value

Want to get the most out of your trade-in vehicle? You don’t need to make sure every inch of the car is spotless, but you can boost your odds of a good offer if your vehicle is fresh, clean, and orderly. Here are a few of our top tips.

Clean up your ride

When it’s time to trade in your vehicle, spruce up your vehicle by giving it a thorough cleaning inside and out. You don’t need to have it professionally detailed, but removing the dirt, grime, dead bugs, and bird droppings will help to make your trade-in vehicle more presentable. If you’re comfortable performing minor work on your car, fix superficial scratches and dents to give your car a boost in value. On the inside, vacuum the seats and carpets to remove pet hair, leaf litter, crumbs, and other debris. Wipe down the dashboard to clear away dust, and use a microfiber cloth to freshen up the infotainment system touchscreen.

This is also a good time to remove any personal items from your vehicle. Peel off bumper stickers, clear out the glove compartment and center console, and check the rear seatback compartments and under-seat storage areas for forgotten belongings. But not all personal items in your vehicle are physical — don’t forget to reset your infotainment system to its factory settings and remove any SD cards you have inserted in the navigation system.

And if your vehicle has smoke or pet odors, take the time to clean the seats and carpets with upholstery shampoo. A fresh-smelling vehicle is always more inviting to a trade-in evaluator.

Have the service records handy

You may be able to get a better deal on your trade-in if you prove that it’s been well maintained over the years. Comprehensive service records are the best way to prove this, so bring those with you when it’s time to trade in your vehicle. If you don’t have them on hand, you may be able to get them from the dealership where you service your vehicle. If you’ve been servicing your vehicle at INFINITI of Memphis, trading it in at our store is extra convenient as we’ll have your service records on hand.

How to trade in your vehicle

Trading in your old car can be a great way to save money on the down payment for your new INFINITI model. It’s quicker and more convenient than privately selling your vehicle, and we even take care of all the paperwork. But you might be wondering how to get the ball rolling on the trade-in process. Wonder no more — here’s a quick rundown of what you should do.

Get everything together

Trading in your car involves a lot of paperwork. Be sure to have essential information like your title, registration, and proof of insurance on hand. If you have any outstanding fees, like parking tickets, pay those before you bring in your vehicle to trade. These marks on your record can prevent the title transfer from going through, throwing a wrench into the works of the trade-in process. You may also want to assemble any receipts and records for vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes, tire changes, and major repairs.

Understand facts about your car’s value

You can use our online tools to estimate your vehicle’s trade-in value. However, keep in mind that certain factors will lower the trade-in value of your vehicle. If your vehicle is scratched, dented, or rusted, expect it to fetch a lower price. The same goes for high-mileage cars, cars with multiple previous owners, older vehicles, and entry-level models. Conversely, you could receive a higher trade-in value if you’ve kept the miles on the odometer low, you’ve got a vehicle with lots of extras, you’ve maintained your car’s appearance, and you’ve had it serviced regularly.

What to expect at the dealership

Once you’ve arrived at the dealership, an appraiser will inspect your vehicle. Our appraisal process involves checking both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, along with its mechanical components and vehicle history. We’ll run a vehicle history report to ensure the quality and value of your trade-in model. Once we’ve gathered all the data we need, we’ll make an offer on your car, which you can apply towards the down payment on your new INFINITI vehicle.

Ready to upgrade to an INFINITI model? Trade in your old vehicle and get ready to find a stylish, luxurious new ride at INFINITI of Memphis.

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