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What precautions is INFINITI of Memphis taking to prevent the spread of the virus and protect their customers, visitors and employees?
The detailed answer is lengthy. The short answer is, “Everything possible.” If you would like the details, here they are: We have always taken pride in the cleanliness of our facility. In that regard, we do NOT have a janitorial vendor that comes into the facility to clean up a whole day’s worth of spills, and “soils.” after the close of business for the day We have instead, tenured full-time employees who “Clean on the go,” so to speak during the business day. They have always taken great pride in their work. Evidence to that is the comment we hear most, especially from visitors, vendors, customers and factory personnel, is how clean our dealership is every time they visit. The only change we have made since the COVID-19 outbreak is addition of the safest high-strength disinfectants to our daily cleaning regimen. That includes but is not limited to, doorknobs, door handles, counter tops in our customer lounge, the touch screen on our gourmet coffee device (gloves available to you), seating in our service lounge, sales and service consultant desks and other customer and team-member areas. Our restroom facilities, like any, can change quickly. We have tripled our “restroom patrol” to make sure the soap reservoirs are full. Non-janitorial employees are checking them as well and will see to it that any incidents or accidents are resolved immediately. We have rearranged our customer lounge, showroom customer seating and any area as appropriate to comply with social distancing guidelines. In short, we are taking every possible measure to make our dealership environment as safe as humanly possible.

Is your service department available during the “Stay at Home” time period?
Yes. We are considered an essential business. Our service department is operating at normal capacity. Hours: Monday – Friday 7am to 6pm. Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Can I buy a new or pre-owned vehicle during the “Stay at Home” time period?
Yes. In fact, in times of crisis good deals get even better. The current “bad” situation results in “good” side effects. This is probably the best time ever to get that new vehicle you had already planned on getting. In addition to our pricing, IFS is offering special financing rates, and 90-day first payment delay for well-qualified applicants.
Our sales consultants stand ready to assist you in-person, online, via phone, live video (facetime, ZOOM, etc.) or as you prefer, in any way possible to facilitate a purchase (finance or lease) of a new INFINITI, or the purchase/finance of a pre-owned, including an INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

When I bring my vehicle in for service or maintenance, what steps will be taken to clean my vehicle before returning it to me?
While we have always focused on providing you a courtesy wash and vacuum. Due to COVID-19, we have added an extra layer of protection by finalizing the process with an application of an approved, powerful disinfectant on touch points and key fobs.

Is Express Service for oil/filter, tire rotation and other “lite” maintenance still available?
Yes. You may come in for Express Service without an appointment. Our service department is operating at normal capacity. Express Service Hours: Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm. Saturday 8am to Noon.

My vehicle is up to date for service, but I’d like to have my vehicle detailed, sanitized and disinfected. Can you do that for me?
Yes. Our detail department is open and as always, is fanatical in its efforts to provide you with that new car feeling. Obviously, we are committed to also providing you a disinfected cabin and cockpit, with special emphasis on touch points and your key/fob. Our detail crews, as they always have, wear gloves, which are changed on a per vehicle basis. Detail fees vary by vehicle type (car, crossover, SUV). Click here to view our discounted detail offers.

If I cannot bring my vehicle in for service, will INFINITI of Memphis pick it up, service it and return it to me?
Yes. As always, we will be happy to arrange “valet” pickup and return of your vehicle (see previous FAQ). Please call your service consultant or make an appointment via our website at this link: Online Service Scheduler

Is there a charge for valet service?
No. We are not charging any additional fee for valet pickup and delivery until further notice. Our customers will pay only for the work we perform, plus normal applicable taxes and fees. Obviously, while we will do our very best to accommodate every customer, mileage restrictions apply on a case-by-case basis, where distance, urgency and available human resources dictate that we cannot do so. Since we are located in a four-state region we currently are legally free to travel on an interstate level. Should that change, we will act accordingly and post notification of any development in that regard, right here on our blog.

Scheduled maintenance is due for my vehicle. What should I do?
In order to protect your factory warranty, it’s important that you have required scheduled maintenance performed. If you can’t come to the dealership, we will come to you, pick up your car depending on your location. All you have to do is call our service department to get this scheduled or visit online at Online Service Scheduler.

INFINITI Financial Services Customers:

I have a loan or lease with INFINITI Financial Services (IFS) and need to contact them regarding payments or account status. What’s the best way to contact them?
Depending on your circumstances, three questions that you may have regarding your INFINITI Financial Services loan or lease that you may be of concern to you:
1. Will I be penalized for my payment being late?
2. My vehicle is financed, will I be charged interest?
3. My employer being shut down has caused my payment to be delinquent, will this affect my credit?

If you need to discuss payment arrangements or need assistance regarding your IFS account please call a phone representative at 1-800-627-4437 Monday-Friday 7am-7pm CST and Saturday 9am-2pm CST. You can also chat with them online and selecting the LIVE Chat button Monday-Friday 7am-7pm CST.

My lease through INFINITI Financial Services nearing its maturity date. What should I do?
Call Anthony Blackwell at (901) 432-8191,or Rumell Bowens at (901) 432-8205, our Lease-end Specialists, who will be happy to provide you the options that are available to you, and provide a complimentary pre-inspection of your leased vehicle in order to determine any mileage, physical damage or any issues beyond “normal” wear and tear that could affect your obligations under your lease agreement.

My factory warranty is nearing expiration, what are my options?
There are many options based upon your driving habits and trade cycle that can be customized to assure that you are covered after the factory warranty expires. Financing is available, if you prefer to use it. Contact Deniece Senter at 901.432.8185 or Anthony Blackwell at 901.432.8191 with any questions you may have in this regard.

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